Biden now sceptical of Ramzan ceasefire

Meanwhile Biden’s growing impatience with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was revealed during a conversation with a senator. At the time, Biden was still being recorded by a microphone — a so called “hot mic.”

Biden was heard saying: “I told him, ‘Bibi,’ — and don’t repeat this — ‘but you and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting’.” Bibi is Netanyahu’s nickname.

The American expression, “come to Jesus” refers to a dramatic realization that one must correct course.

The US president was then warned that his microphone remained on.

In his key State of the Union speech, Biden called on Israeli leadership to refrain from using aid to Gaza as a “bargaining chip.”

US says Gaza aid port could take up to 60 days

A temporary port the US is building to bring aid to the Gaza Strip will likely take “up to 60 days” to complete, a Pentagon spokesperson said.

Speaking on Friday, the spokesperson added that the port will involve some 1,000 troops. Nevertheless, none of the troops would be deployed ashore, Pentagon spokesperson Air Force Major General Patrick Ryder said.

Once established, the new facility “could provide more than two million meals to the citizens of Gaza per day,” Ryder said, adding that “there will be no US forces on the ground in Gaza” as part of the effort, in which Washington will be “working with regional partners.”

US President Joe Biden announced the intention to build a temporary port during his State of the Union speech on Thursday.

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