Accused wanted to do ‘something big’ for fame, says Delhi Police

The Delhi Police probing the Parliament security beach case for more than 40 days on Tuesday said the six accused were “self-funded and self-motivated” to do “something big” for fame.

The accused also assumed that they would be let off even if they were arrested, thinking they were not committing any “serious crime”, they said.

According to a senior police officer, the mastermind is suspected to be Manoranjan D, who had created a ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club’ page on the social networking site Facebook and used it to motivate “like-minded” people to do “something big” for fame.

“The accused were known to each other for the last four years but the plan to breach parliament was hatched a year ago,” the officer said.

However, not everyone in the fan club was on board with the idea of doing anything illegal like breaching parliament’s security. As a result, several other members had left in the days leading to the December 13 incident, police said.

“Since Manoranjan had access to the BJP MP in Mysore, he decided to barge into parliament and replicate freedom fighter Bhagat Singh’s act which was done in the Delhi Assembly during British rule,” another officer said.

“They did not have enough money to hold in-person meetings, therefore they decided to remain in touch through social media and Signals app,” the official said.

“Because of the shortage of money, they stayed at Vicky Sharma’s residence in Gurugram before committing the crime on December 13, 2023,” he said.

Vicky Sharma was also a part of the fan club on Facebook. He was released after being questioned by police.

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