A Robot Takes Its Own Life. Reason: Stress At Work | World News

Robot Suicide in South Korea: In a bizarre and unprecedented incident, a government robot in Gumi, South Korea, allegedly took its own life due to overwork. This event marks the first known instance where a robot, not a human, has reportedly committed suicide. The robot, employed by the Gumi City Council, had been responsible for delivering documents and providing information to local residents for the past year. It had its own ID and moved freely throughout the building. Witnesses say the robot suddenly stopped during its tasks, circled around, and then jumped off a set of stairs. Its parts were found scattered, and it ceased functioning entirely.

In response, the City Council remarked that the robot was diligent, working tirelessly from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. Local residents expressed their sorrow over the news.

Investigation Underway

The City Council has announced an investigation into the incident to determine what led the robot to take such drastic action. The American company that manufactured the robot, Bear Robotics, has also initiated its own inquiry.

The news quickly went viral on social media, prompting a variety of reactions. Some users likened the robot’s plight to that of a beast of burden, stating it was subjected to unbearable work pressure without rest or breaks. They suggested that the continuous movement within the building led to its eventual despair and decision to jump. Others humorously speculated that the robot might have survived had it been part of a union.

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