3, including suspected gunman, dead in shooting near daycare centre in Toronto

A man and woman were shot to death and a male suspected as the attacker also died Monday at a north Toronto office space near a daycare centre and a school, authorities said.

The shooting prompted a lockdown of both the daycare facility and the Catholic all-boys elementary school, and parents rushed to the area to pick up their children.

Detective Sgt. Al Bartlett said the man and woman who were killed worked together in what he described as a financial transaction business.

“It’s our belief at this point that the altercation that took place is in relation to that business,” Bartlett.

“The person that we believe to be responsible is among the deceased,” he added.

He withheld the identities of the victims and the shooter, saying officials first had to notify their families.

Bartlett declined to comment on whether the suspect killed himself or died in some other way, saying it was still under investigation.

Bartlett said no child was injured. He said there was no access within the building between the daycare centre and the business.

Shahrokh Biniaz, a graphic designer and photographer who has a studio in the building where the shooting happened, said he heard a loud bang and people arguing in the reception area.

“I didn’t know what it was, thought it was maybe a circuit breaker or something because it was really loud,” he said.

“I came out of my office and I heard some arguments in the reception … I went back to my desk and sat down, and I heard the second bang after two minutes.”

He said he walked out of his office again, heard more quarrelling and then left the building through a back door.

“I called 911. Police came quite fast,” he said, adding he then heard another round of gunshots.

Relieved parents were seen hugging their children tightly after they were reunited just outside the police tape at St. George Mini School daycare.

A supervisor told the crowd of parents gathered that everyone inside was safe.

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Vadapalli Nithin Kumar

Published On:

Jun 18, 2024

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