Iran: US Forcing Arab-Israel Ties, “Gaza Debris Exceeds Ukraine”, Netanyahu Vows Rafah Op To Blinken

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed the US for “forcing” Arab countries to normalise ties with Israel. said Israel’s rapprochement with Arab states will not resolve the crisis in the Middle East. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on May 1. Netanyahu told Blinken that he … Read more

Pro-Palestine Protestors Force Prez Joe Biden's Backdoor Entry Into US Hotel, Unfurl Giant Palestinian Flag – Watch

U.S. President Joe Biden will give an election-year roast at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner against the backdrop of protests against his support for Israel’s war against Palestine.

India’s UN Representative On Humanitarian Crisis Caused By Israel-Hamas War

United Nations: India has termed the UN Security Council resolution that demanded immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the month of Ramadan a “positive step,” asserting that the humanitarian crisis resulting from the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict is “simply unacceptable.””We are deeply troubled by the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The humanitarian crisis has deepened and instability has … Read more

After Biden Warning, Israel To Allow ‘Temporary Aid’ Through Northern Gaza’s Erez, Ashdod Crossings

Palestinians flee the area after Israeli bombardment in central Gaza City, amid the ongoing battles between Israel and the militant group Hamas. (Image: AFP) Biden in a tense, 30-minute call told Netanyahu that US support for Israel will depend on what steps Israel takes to protect Gazans. Israeli authorities said the nation will allow “temporary” … Read more

Israeli strikes on Syria kill 38, including 5 Hezbollah members

Israeli strikes on the northern Syrian city of Aleppo early on Friday killed 38 people, including five members of the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, two security sources said, the deadliest attacks so far in an intensified Israeli campaign against Iran’s allies in Syria. Israel has ramped up its airstrikes on both Hezbollah and the Iranian … Read more

Biden Expresses ‘Deep’ Concern About Prospective Israeli Ops In Rafah, Says Would Be ‘Mistake’

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Monday stated that US President Joe Biden spoke to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over the phone and expressed his deep concern about the prospect of Israel conducting a major military operation in Rafah along the lines of Gaza City and Khan Younis. The White House further stated that … Read more

Israel-Hamas war: Israel raids Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital again, launches airstrikes in vicinity

The Israeli army launched on Monday (local time) an operation around Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, with witnesses reporting air strikes on the devastated neighbourhood where it is located. Israeli soldiers “are currently conducting a precise operation in the area of the Shifa hospital”, a statement from the military said. “The operation is based on intelligence … Read more

Israel Launches Operation In Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, Says ‘Used By Senior Hamas Terrorists’

The Israeli military on Monday announced that it had launched an operation at Gaza’s primary medical facility, Al-Shifa Hospital, stating that the site was being utilised by high-ranking Hamas militants, news agency AFP reported. In a statement, the military stated: “Soldiers are presently engaged in a targeted operation within the vicinity of Shifa Hospital.” “The … Read more

‘Ready For Promised Conquest’: Houthis Prepare For Israel War After Massive Red Sea Attack

Published on Mar 09, 2024 09:36 PM IST After large-scale drone attack on U.S. ships in Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Yemen’s Houthi fighters released visuals of military training of its soldiers that they say is part of readiness to fight ‘battle of promised conquest’ and holy Jihad. This as fighting continues in Gaza … Read more

‘Yes, We Fired Shots At Palestinians’: Israeli Army’s Big Admission In Gaza Aid ‘Massacre’ Probe

Published on Mar 08, 2024 07:48 PM IST An Israeli military probe confirmed that shots were fired by IDF during the Gaza aid massacre, but IDF claimed the troops did not fire at the aid convoy. Over 100 aid seekers were killed as many Palestinians were allegedly shot by the IDF. The incident took place … Read more