Only casualty of Iran’s attack on Israel is an Arab Bedouin girl

Iran fired a barrage of cruise and ballistic missiles and sent in drones to attack Israel. Israel, helped by the US, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, shot down 99% of the projectiles. The only person to be severely injured in the attack was a seven-year-old Arab Bedouin girl. The Bedouin girl was hit by an Iranian … Read more

Middle East is on brink, can’t afford more war: UN chief Antonio Guterres on Iran-Israel conflict

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned the international community Sunday against deeper descent into conflict, addressing the Security Council during a meeting over Iran’s weekend attack on Israel. “Neither the region nor the world can afford more war,” Guterres said. “The Middle East is on the brink,” he told the Security Council. “The people … Read more

Netanyahu Says Iran Attack Likely In ‘Other Areas Not Gaza’, How Is Israel Preparing For Different Scenarios? | World News

In the midst of the ongoing war in Gaza, Israel is preparing for potential threats in other areas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his visit to the Tel Nof air force base in southern Israel, made it clear that Israel is ready to meet all its security needs, both defensively and offensively. “Whoever harms us, … Read more

Iran vows to avenge embassy strike by Israel but without major escalation, say sources

Iran has signalled to Washington that it will respond to Israel’s attack on its Syrian embassy in a way that aims to avoid major escalation and it will not act hastily, as Tehran presses demands including a Gaza truce, Iranian sources said. Iran’s message to Washington was conveyed by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian during … Read more

3 Sons, 4 Grandchildren Of Top Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Killed In Israeli Airstrike In Gaza | World News

New Delhi: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced the deaths of three sons of Hamas political figure Ismail Haniyeh in an airstrike conducted by the Israeli Air Force. The strike, which occurred on Wednesday, resulted in the loss of Amir Haniyeh, a noted cell commander within the Hamas military wing, and his brothers Mohammad … Read more

Donald Trump renews attack on Jewish voters who back Joe Biden

Donald Trump on Wednesday lashed out at Jewish voters who backed President Joe Biden and framed this year’s election as a referendum on the strength of Christianity in the US, part of his sharp-edged continuing appeal to evangelical conservatives who are a critical element of his political base. Speaking in Atlanta ahead of a fundraiser, … Read more

Biden Says Israel’s Efforts On Gaza Aid ‘Not Enough’, Calls Netanyahu’s Approach To War Against Hamas ‘Mistake’

New Delhi: US President Joe Biden on Wednesday said that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not taking adequate steps to boost humanitarian aid to Gaza, news agency AP reported. “We’ll see what he does in terms of meeting the commitments that he made to me,” Biden said at the White House. Although the number … Read more

Watch: Moment when Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh received news of 3 sons killed in Israeli strike

Three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, who is currently living in exile in Qatar, were killed in fresh airstrikes conducted by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in the Gaza Strip. “I thank God for this honor that He bestowed upon us through the martyrdom of my three sons and grandchildren- my children stayed with … Read more

US Prez Biden Criticizes Israel PM Netanyahu’s Approach To Gaza War, Calls It A ‘Mistake’ | World News

New Delhi: U.S. President Joe Biden on openly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tactics in the ongoing Gaza conflict, labeling them as erroneous. Speaking to Spanish-language TV network Univision, President Biden expressed his disagreement with Netanyahu’s methods, stating, “I think what he’s doing is a mistake. I don’t agree with his approach.” President Biden … Read more

‘Why No Support For Us?’: Israeli Envoy Cries Foul Over Palestine’s UN Bid

Published on Apr 09, 2024 12:22 PM IST The United Nations Security Council said Monday that it would decide this month on the Palestinians’ bid for full UN membership, with the longshot campaign unlikely to survive US opposition. The Palestinians, who have had observer status at the world body since 2012, have lobbied for years … Read more