Israel Hamas War Gaza Video Released Terrorists Killing Shooting Woman Evei And Good October 7 Attack Video Twitter X

Israel has released disturbing security camera footage of October 7 Hamas’ surprise attack showing militants chasing people as they enter Israel and one of them shoots a woman at point-blank range killing her on the spot. The video was shared on X, formerly Twitter, of the gunmen chasing Israelis trying to escape from a music … Read more

Relatives of Gaza hostages say stop talk of execution for Hamas detainees

Relatives of some of the 240 people held by Hamas in Gaza urged far-right Israeli lawmakers on Monday not to pursue proposed capital punishment for captured Hamas terrorists, saying that even talk of doing so might endanger the hostages. A number of suspected gunmen were detained after members of the armed Islamist faction breached the … Read more

Israel Hamas latest developments top points Hamas terrorists Gaza Strip Al Shifa Hospital Hezbollah Lebanon

Amid its war with Hamas terrorists, the Israel Defense Forces said they targeted several of the terror group’s top political and military leaders hiding underground in Gaza. Meanwhile, more than two days after the Israeli military stormed Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, it said it was still searching for evidence to back up its allegations that … Read more

Hamas Has “Lost Control In Gaza”, Says Israel Defence Minister

Hamas has “lost control in Gaza”, Israel’s Defence Minister claimed on Monday, over a month after the┬áPalestinian group launched a “surprise” attack on the nation, firing over 500 rockets. “Hamas has lost control of Gaza. Terrorists are fleeing southward. Civilians are looting Hamas bases,” he said without providing evidence. “They don’t have faith in the … Read more

Israeli air strikes hit Gaza hospitals and school, say Palestine officials

Israeli air strikes hit three Gaza hospitals and a school on Friday, killing at least 22 people, and a ground battle was under way at another hospital, Palestinian officials said, as Israel’s forces took on Hamas in the heart of the enclave. Officials said missiles landed in the courtyard of Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al-Shifa, in … Read more

Netanyahu agrees to daily pauses in war; Gaza says strikes hit hospitals: Top points

Over a month into the war which began on October 7, Israel has agreed to a four-hour pause in its strikes on the Gaza Strip. The development was confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said he wanted to “facilitate a safe passage of civilians away from the zone of fighting”. However, he clarified that … Read more

Did Gaza photojournalists have prior knowledge of Hamas attack on Israel?

Amid the intense battle in Gaza, an Israeli diplomat on Thursday shared a report on social media on the presence of freelance photojournalists working for global news agencies and big media houses when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, suggesting they had prior information about the October 7 attack. Hamas terrorists killed 1,400 Israelis and kidnapped over … Read more

Fight “Until It Ends” For The Israeli Military In Devastated Gaza

The Hamas-run health ministry said Wednesday 10,569 people have been killed in Israeli attacks. (File) Palestinian Territories: Gaza City’s suburbs began to appear after about 30 minutes of navigating broken roads. We were approaching the focal point of the fight between Israel and Hamas in the territory. On Wednesday, AFP was embedded with Israeli soldiers, … Read more

Potential Elimination of Yahya Sinwar: A Turning Point in Israel-Hamas Battle

The potential elimination of Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas Gaza Chief, might signal a turning point in the battle between Israel and Hamas. Sinwar, also known as ‘little Hitler of Hamas’, is held responsible above all others for the terror attack on October the 7th. Sinwar also played a significant role in the creation of the … Read more

Grenades, missiles, rockets: Israeli military reveals weapons seized by Hamas

The Israeli Defense Forces have released data of weapons they recovered from the Hamas terrorists after they attacked Israel on October 7. Taking to their official X handle, the Israeli military released four images and a video, showing the weapons Hamas terrorists used in their attack on Israel. Hamas’s weapons found by the Israeli Defense … Read more