India’s NIA Arrests UK Resident For Attack On Indian Embassy In London | Details

Published on Apr 26, 2024 12:16 AM IST In a big development, the first arrest has been made in the Indian Embassy attack case in London. A key accused in the case has been arrested by India’s National Investigation Agency. The NIA has taken Inderpal Singh Gaba, a resident of the UK’s Hounslow, into custody. … Read more

Ukrainian Soldiers Caught Running Away From Ocheretyne; Fall Of Another Donetsk Town Imminent

Published on Apr 22, 2024 08:14 PM IST Russia has amplified its attacks on Ukrainian strongholds in the Donetsk region. According to the Russia-appointed Donetsk chief, Ukrainian troops are trying to flee the settlement of Ocheretyne in small groups as Moscow’s forces rain bombs. Ukrainians started fleeing Ocheretyne after Russian forces wiped out a group … Read more

‘Crumbs From Master’s Table’: U.S. Faces Fire Over ‘Sham’ Ukraine Arms Aid To Fight Russia

Published on Apr 22, 2024 04:28 PM IST The Ukrainian leader has come down heavily on the biggest ally, the U.S., amid the Russian blitz. Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Dubinsky labelled U.S. aid as “crumbs from the master’s table.” He said that the majority of the funds will go to the U.S. military-industrial complex. Harsh remarks … Read more

Israel Confirms Iran Missiles Successfully Struck Nevatim Air Base | ‘Response Soon…’

Published on Apr 16, 2024 08:30 AM IST Israel’s army chief Lt. General Herzi Halevi, addressing troops on Monday at a military base hit in Iran’s unprecedented strike, said Israel will respond. The Nevatim based was “lightly hit” in the strike. On Monday the army released footage of a crater caused, it said, when a … Read more

Iran To Strike ‘Pro-Israel’ Arab Nation Next? Jordan Fumes At Tehran After Weekend Attack

Published on Apr 15, 2024 09:05 AM IST Israel’s neighbour Jordan has defended its action against Iranian drones and missiles over the weekend as it summoned Tehran’s ambassador to Amman warning Tel Aviv’s foremost enemy that it must stop questioning Jordan’s position over the latest hostilities. This after Jordan downed a number of missiles and … Read more

NATO’s ‘Readiness’ Drills Near Russian Border Soon; U.S.-Made Patriot Unit To Be Deployed

Published on Mar 31, 2024 11:44 PM IST NATO nation Netherlands will deploy a U.S.-made Patriot air defence unit near the Russian border. The Dutch defence ministry said its air defence unit will conduct NATO drills in Lithuania. The military drill aims to bolster NATO’S air defences along the eastern flank, as per the Dutch … Read more

Biden Official Exposes Netanyahu’s ‘Lie’; ‘Hamas Did Not Reject Hostage Deal Due To…’ | Watch

Published on Mar 27, 2024 11:17 PM IST U.S. state department spokesperson left Benjamin Netanyahu embarrassed as he rejected remarks that Hamas switched back to its original position of permanent ceasefire in the U.S.-brokered compromise with Israel due to the UN Security Council passing a resolution on Gaza. Matthew Miller called the remarks inaccurate. Another … Read more

Hezbollah ‘Enraged’ As Israel Strikes Giant Aerial Military Unit ‘Deep’ Inside Lebanon | Watch

Published on Mar 27, 2024 12:58 AM IST Israeli forces targeted Hezbollah military posts deep inside Lebanon. The IDF reportedly struck several buildings and a landing pad for drones. The attack site was over 110 kilometres from the Israeli border. The strikes were in response to Hezbollah’s recent attacks in Israel. Watch the full video … Read more

‘Jets Scrambles…’: NATO Nation ‘Terrified’ After Russian Army Rains Missiles On Ukrainian Cities

Published on Mar 23, 2024 01:58 AM IST NATO nation and staunch supporter of Ukraine, Poland scrambled fighter jets after detecting the activity of Russia’s long-range aviation. Polish Armed Forces Operational Command in a post on ‘X’ confirmed that scrambling of the warplanes and putting its air defence systems on high alert for the second … Read more

Putin’s Friend Kim Jong Un Tests Special Engine For Hypersonic Missile To Beat US Air Defence In…

Published on Mar 20, 2024 09:53 PM IST North Korea tested its solid-fuel engine for a hypersonic engine. The North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un oversaw the test at the Sohae Satellite Launch Ground. Experts said Pyongyang aims for the hypersonic missiles to reach U.S. military bases in Guam. The missiles could also reportedly be … Read more