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In a subsequent meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Elon Musk, sections of a film prepared by the IDF Spokesperson depicting the horrors of the Hamas-perpetrated massacre on October 7 were shown, the Israeli PMO informed. (Photo: X/@IsraeliPM)

Nothing Will Stop Us, Says Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu; Joe Biden Calls For Two-State Solution | World News

TEL AVIV: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel will resume its campaign in Gaza with full force once a temporary truce comes to an end. Netanyahu met with security forces inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Netanyahu spoke with soldiers and commanders and received a security briefing, according to the statement from … Read more

Netanyahu enters Gaza, vows to continue the fight ‘until the end’

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with his senior colleagues, entered the Islamist Hamas-ruled coastal Strip on Sunday, 26 November to meet Israeli soldiers to boost their morale and vowed to carry on the fight “until the end”. Netanyahu received security briefings from commanders and soldiers and visited one of the tunnels that has been revealed, … Read more

Netanyahu Enters Hamas’ Base, Reveals Three Goals Of Israel’s War On Gaza | Watch

Published on Nov 26, 2023 11:52 PM IST Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited Gaza amid four-day truce with Hamas and renewed pledge to bring back all hostages. Netanyahu also revealed three goals of Israel’s war on Palestinian enclave of Gaza and said that they won’t stop until Hamas is eliminated. Watch the video for more … Read more

Benjamin Netanyahu in Gaza meets Israeli forces amid truce with Hamas

On the third day of the four-day truce between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Israeli troops inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday. He told the soldiers that the war, which started 50 days ago, was far from over. “Nothing will stop us, and we are convinced that … Read more

Israel Names 13 Hostages Freed From Gaza; More Swaps Expected In 4-Day Truce | World News

New Delhi:The Israeli government announced the names of the 13 hostages who were freed from Gaza on Friday, after being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in the October 7 attack. The 13 hostages included four children, their mothers, and five elderly women. They were among the 240 people who were taken hostage by Hamas gunmen who … Read more

Israel’s Warning For Hamas As Palestinian Prisoners, Israeli Captives Reunite With Families | Watch

Published on Nov 25, 2023 09:50 AM IST Israel Army has warned Hamas that the war is not over and that it will strive to finish the Palestinian militant group. This as 39 Palestinians were released from Israeli prisons in return of 13 Israeli and 11 foreign hostages from Gaza. Palestinians were seen celebrating after … Read more

Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Gaza hostage release will not happen before Friday, says Israel

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud reaffirmed their commitment to preventing further spread of the Israel-Palestinian conflict when they spoke on Wednesday, the State Department said, as reported by Reuters.  Blinken also welcomed Saudi Arabia’s efforts to secure a durable peace agreement in Yemen, the State … Read more

Breakthrough In Gaza: Israel Approves Deal To Free 50 Hostages, Ceasefire For 4 Days | World News

New Delhi: In a breakthrough deal, Israel’s government voted on Wednesday to approve a proposal for Palestinian Hamas militants to release 50 women and children held as hostages in Gaza in return for a four-day ceasefire, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. The deal was mediated by Qatar, with the involvement of the … Read more

Israel-Hamas truce deal for pause in hostilities, exchange of hostages: Report

Qatar, who is mediating the hostage talks between Israel and Hamas, said the negotiations are at its “closest point” since the start of the war on October 7. The negotiations are at its “final stage”, Qatar added, as per news agency AFP. The truce deal, being negotiated between Israel and Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, is … Read more